17 Disember 2010

Movie Review : Aku Tak Bodoh

Title : Aku Tak Bodoh
Director : Boris Boo
Casts : Riezman Khuzaimi, Amy Mastura, Airel Zafrel, Ijat, Namron, Adibah Noor & more.

I know its a little bit too late for me to make a review of this movie. Been on the theater since December 2nd. That was two weeks ago and I watched this with friends on last Monday.

The movie was good and has a lot of lessons. The lessons are especially for parents. Busy with hectic life and not believing in our children will only break the family ties.

Having a problem with parents is normal to me. Well, we're teenagers!

Kudos to Amy Mastura for her brilliant acting and Rohaizat Hassan for making the movie more interesting.

*Is this a movie review? I dont think so -_-

1 Awan:

Ahmad Luqman berkata...

aku pun (terpaksa) tengok jugak hari tu. kah kah. mula mula lawak bodoh je aku rasa, last last baru nak mcm bermakna.