21 November 2012

It has been a while..

Hello blog!

Heheh.. I know that I've been abandoning Cerita Kita for a long time and yeah, I do miss some of my blogger friends. Glad to know that everyone is doing well in the universities and a friend Dean who used to be known as Marker Hitam is doing her Pre-University Program.

Well, you should know them well..
Ahmad Luqman @ Aku Bukan Jemsbon is doing his ACCA-CAT at UiTM Shah Alam
Azzam Azhar @ Encik Roti is doing his Foundation in Electrical Engineering in UTP in Sri Iskandar Perak.
Dila Jamalia @ Gadis Bunga (Still?) is doing her Foundation in Health Science I guess in PASUM.
Dean Ismail @ Marker Hitam is doing her Pre-University Program in SMK___ idk. Hehe.
And I am, approaching my 4th semester in Diploma in Business Studies in UiTM Pahang.

Glad to know that everyone is in good shape with good education.
You see, to have good education background is a bonus for you to be successful in the future. You can also be successful without a roll of degree master or whatever. Grab the golden opportunity, everyone can achieve what they want in life.

LOVE YALL! Til then :)

And the previous semester went a lil bit crazy for me. Everything's fucked. Yeah, fucked-up a little.
But I'll definitely do something about it next semester. Hihi here's my result.
*sumpah taktahu malu publish result buruk macam..*

10 Januari 2012

First entry of 2012

It's been a long while since I last post an entry in this blog.

Jadi aku mulakan blog Cerita Kita 2012 dengan Bismillah.

Jadi apa khabar semua? Aku dekat sini sihat macam biasa and in my education. I am doing pretty well. Except for that particular subject which requires me to read, read and read. Reading wasn't my specialty but in the last semester, I managed to get good grade for a reading subject. So good huh?

Eh, kejap! Isu hot sekarang isu Amalina Che Bakri pakai seseksi?

To me, itu hak dia. Kita semua ada hak masing-masing. Malas nak kupas lebih lanjut. Kepada korang yang berfikiran kolot nak kutuk dia ke apa ke, korang tahu tak mengutuk tu berdosa? Haa!

Kbye :)